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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! This blog is not yet finished but I can see you are going places! 🙂 One hiccup though I don’t want to be mean but If you are a christian why Harry Potter?(Sorcery) Percy Jackson? (Other “gods”) And pokemon? (There is interwoven darkness in it…trust me I wrote about in my blog Christian kids unite)


    1. The reason I like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Pokémon, is because I’m attracted to them, they interest me. This is just my opinion, but I don’t see any harm in liking them. They are all fantasy, and nothing bothers me about them, and my parents are fine with it. I believe it’s a matter of what draws us in. My likings for Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Pokémon are based off of that, and I know they aren’t real. To me, choosing to like them means that I have to know they aren’t real and that I don’t feel like it’s wrong, me being Christian, to like a fictional series with sorcery, and other “gods”, because there is really only the one true God! All of this is based on matter of opinion, and I understand that some find wrong to like these things if they are Christian. It’s okay not to like them because of this, but I also feel like you shouldn’t shut out a fake world of magic because you are Christian. But like I said, it’s all based off of what books/movies you believe are wrong to like/not like, and it’s just my preference of what books I like to read.
      Not this next bit matters, but I know plenty of Christians that like this sort of stuff. And I really appreciate you asking questions. I strongly encourage that!


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