Book Catch Up

Do you remember the book that I said I’m writing about? The Beauty and the Beast Harry Potter thing? Well I have wrote almost ten pages of it. So far Valintina goes into the forest to see what the noises are. She runs back home, but Jack (the beast) captures her. They sit at a fire. Valintina wants to go back home, but Jack erases her memory, so she doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on.

The reach the castle and eat dinner. A maid named Betty helps Valintina to her room. She’s about ready to get in bed when she hears a loud crash. She runs up the flight of stairs to where the noise was coming from. Another maid, Debra, is already there. she is in front of The West Wing where Jack is breaking things.

No one can go inside. Debra tells the story of her sister, Lilly. She is bringing Jack tea on a cart. She knocks on the door to tell Jack the tea is ready. She leaves. thirty minutes later she goes back and the tea is still there. she knocks and reminds jack that his tea is there. She leaves again. Thirty minutes later she comes back and the tea is still untouched. She tells Jack he better come get it.

Thirty minutes later she comes back and not a drop of the tea is gone. she tells Jack she’s going to come in. she comes in with the cart and the tea cup. She sits down by jack because he is crying about his parents’ death. He stands up, and strikes a stick(wand) at Lilly and screams Avada Kadavra. She dies before she touches the ground. A frozen, petrified face stares at Debra, because she was watching what happened to her sister.

She is crying really loud and jack comes out. He hears them talking about Lilly. Debra Yells at jack and Betty, and another maid, Olga,  try to help, but she wants nothing to do with them.

I hop you are liking my story so far. Just remember to check out my other blogs. And as always, I’ll be blogging with you next time on, Christianforkids!

Makenzy a. Carter


Author: christianforkids

I am 12 years old, I live in the USA. I want more people to learn about God and except him as their savior and friend. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I like to sing, dance, and act. I like to program robots and love typing, writing, and drawing. I'm very creative. I like baking and cooking. I love doing crafts and sharing ideas. And the name says what most of my blogs will be about. You can contact me if you have any questions and I will try to answer them as best as I can. You can always tell others about me. I am pretty busy, so you will hear a lot about that during my time while blogging. I hope that you have an amazing day and I love you so much! I will be praying for you, so please pray for me. I get most of my material from I get questions from my homeschooling website, which is why I even have a blog. And just a reminder, life is good.

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