Animal Jam News issue#1

Today I have some really exciting news about my favorite game, Animal Jam. A ton of people play Animal Jam, Including people from all around the world. I probably wouldn’t know what Animal Jam is without one of my best friends. She has a YouTube channel is making a really cool series called “The Phantom War.” Her channel is Kiera L. animaljam. Some other cool Jammers include Aparri, Bepper, Wisteria moon, and Julian2aj. There are tons of others out there, but those are some of my favorites.

Back to the news. This is only my first AJ(animal jam) blog, so you probably won’t be really happy for me(see story 2), but I still hope you enjoy.

1-Cougars are Coming to Jamma

I know. It is one of the best animals AJ could ever come out with. I am super excited along with probably every other jammer, but the sad news is that they are for members only. And that’s sad because I don’t have a membership and I really like cougars. But that’s where the next article comes in…

2-I Might be Getting a Membership

This is some really exciting news for me and my buddies on AJ. I’ve been wanting a membership for a really long time now, and I might finally be getting one. I’m a little confused about how to set it up, though. I know you can buy the cards at stores, and enter that code, and you can do it online, so I want to know which way you like better, or how you do it. I’m sure there will be instructions, when I do get one though. I think it might be easier to do online, but let me know what you think in comments below.

3-Eagles and Pet Goats are Leaving

This is by far some of the saddest AJ news I have ever heard in my life. I know on March 2 they were beginning their travels, but they always come back. But now it’s saying that in eight days the eagles are leaving. I hope it’s just traveling, because I really want an eagle on AJ. That means I only have until the 16th to get a membership, and get an eagle. This also goes for pet goats as well. I think they are cute and I would like to get at least two or three before they leave. I hope I can get enough money by then. I want to get one for a year, which is about $58.00. It’s the best deal too. For example. It would be cheaper to buy a year-long membership than to buy two 6 month-long memberships.

4-Member Daily Spin

This has been going on for a while now, but members can get their own daily spin on AJ now. It is filled with only diamonds and gift boxes. It is super amazing. And just by becoming a member, you can get 60 diamonds and 25,000 gems! Is that awesomeness or what?

5-My Trading Request

Okay, this is something that you really need to pay attention to. Do you remember when AJ had the messages in the bottles? Good. The only day that I got a gift was the haunted Zios portrait. I still need the Peck portrait, flowing lava, etc. If you want to know everything you get, watch Julian2aj video titled, “I Know Who This Is!” I don’t have a link for it, but that’s what you’ll type in the search bar. Back to subject point. I want to know if any of you have these items(see Julian2aj’s video) and are willing to trade them. If you do, please tell me your user name and, if you like, what items you want to trade. You can tell me more besides Message in a Bottle items. I will also comment everything in the comments down below, if you don’t watch the video. Other items I would like are anything phantom, spooky, or from adventures/parties.


In conclusion there are a lot of exciting things that are happening in Animal jam, one of which involves bonding and becoming buddies with AJ lovers in a virtual world. Doing Animal Jam is completely safe. I That raps it up for today’s blog and weakly issue of AJ news. I really hope you enjoyed this exciting news about Animal Jam. I hope this encourages you to get an Animal Jam membership and help National Geographic out. Plus being a member comes with lots of benefits. I’ll be blogging with you next time on Christianforkids!

Makenzy A. Carter


Author: christianforkids

I am 12 years old, I live in the USA. I want more people to learn about God and except him as their savior and friend. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I like to sing, dance, and act. I like to program robots and love typing, writing, and drawing. I'm very creative. I like baking and cooking. I love doing crafts and sharing ideas. And the name says what most of my blogs will be about. You can contact me if you have any questions and I will try to answer them as best as I can. You can always tell others about me. I am pretty busy, so you will hear a lot about that during my time while blogging. I hope that you have an amazing day and I love you so much! I will be praying for you, so please pray for me. I get most of my material from I get questions from my homeschooling website, which is why I even have a blog. And just a reminder, life is good.

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