The Meaning of Christmas

I know that Christmas is only four days away, but I still hope that you will be able to read this. You can even read it after Christmas.

On Christmas morning when you wake up, and see all of those presents under the tree, you want to go and open them right away. But the meaning of Christmas isn’t about getting presents. It’s about Jesus and God. And God gave something to each and every one of us that is beyond compare. Nothing could ever replace this gift and nothing could even come close to compare. I’ll tell you the story of Christmas.

A young girl named Mary and a young man named Joseph, were going to get  married. They were so happy. One night an angel came to Marry. “You are going to have a baby, and he will be the savior of the world,” the angel told Marry. “His name will be Jesus and he is God’s son.” Marry was afraid.

“But how can I have a baby?” Mary asked. “I am only a virgin.”

“The Lord will give him to you.” The angel told her.

Mary was know really pregnant. she could have the baby at any time. Mary and Joseph were told that they had to go Bethlehem, for they were counting everyone who lived in Nazareth. This was were Mary and Joseph lived. Mary rode on a donkey while Joseph walked beside it. They arrived in Bethlehem late that night. They checked all of the inns(rooms) but they were full. They met a man that was in the inn by a stable(barn).

They time for Mary to give birth had arrived. Jesus had been born in a cattle stall. Mary wrapped him in swaddling cloth and placed him in a manger(a basket with hay, for the animals to eat).

There were shepherds living out in the fields near by, keeping watch over their flocks(sheep) by night. Suddenly, an angel of the Lord appeared to them, and they were afraid.”Fear not,” the angel said to them. “For I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a savior has been born! He is Christ the Lord!” The shepherds came to visit baby Jesus.

Time had gone by. Jesus was probably around a year old. Three wisemen had found a star that they had never seen before, because they studied stars.  It was the star of were they could find Jesus. They noticed that the star had never been there before, because they studied stars, and knew that it was the brightest star of them all. They followed the star.

They had approached the castle of King Herod. He was evil, and wanted to be the only king. “Where is the baby, the messiah?” Asked one of the men. “It is said that he will be king.” Herod did not like this at all.

“Go and search for this child,” he told them. “When you do, come and tell me, so I too can worship him.” The wisemen set off to find Jesus. It had appeared to them in a dream, while going to find Jesus, that they were not to tell Herod. But they were to worn Mary and Joseph. They had found Jesus and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense, and mer (I’m not sure about the spelling).

The three wisemen had told Mary and Joseph that Herod was going to kill any baby boy in Bethlehem that was the age of three years or younger. This terrified them. the wisemen told them that they needed to go hide so they would be safe. They did as they were told, and waited until the Lord told them it was safe to leave. They traveled back to Nazareth were Jesus grew up.

I know that this is only my first blog post, but this is a true story. It happened two thousand six-teen(2016) years ago. They started counting the years after Jesus was born. So this Christmas I really do hope and pray that with all my heart that you will thank God for sending his only son down to Earth. I am really looking out for all of you and I wouldn’t post this if it weren’t true. So before you open presents, wake your parents up, eat breakfast, pray to God and thank him. And try to get your family to pray to God for coming down to Earth too! Remind everyone that Christmas isn’t about gifts. It’s about loving one another and giving to other people like God did for us. I hoped that I could help you realize the true meaning of Christmas.

I hoped you liked this blog. Next time I will post a play that I was in. It’s also about the true meaning of Christmas. But it’s based in the present(Right now). I’m sure you’ll love it!

Until next time, Makenzy .C      

Like my blog posts if you agree and want to hear more about the bible. Leave a comment if you have something to add or my post needs correction. Please don’t be mean about it though. That is not something God would want us to do.


Author: christianforkids

I am 12 years old, I live in the USA. I want more people to learn about God and except him as their savior and friend. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I like to sing, dance, and act. I like to program robots and love typing, writing, and drawing. I'm very creative. I like baking and cooking. I love doing crafts and sharing ideas. And the name says what most of my blogs will be about. You can contact me if you have any questions and I will try to answer them as best as I can. You can always tell others about me. I am pretty busy, so you will hear a lot about that during my time while blogging. I hope that you have an amazing day and I love you so much! I will be praying for you, so please pray for me. I get most of my material from I get questions from my homeschooling website, which is why I even have a blog. And just a reminder, life is good.

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